Lost Cruces Escape Room was born out of the vision to expand recreation and performance improvement options in the Mesilla Valley region by talent management professionals with IBM, Cleveland Clinic and Disney resumes.

Escape rooms are ambiguous, pressured challenge environments that are most effectively and enjoyably solved by teams that communicate, cooperate and collaborate at high-functioning levels. Even the most credentialed and decorated of specialists and contributors – often placed in leader-level positions – commonly lack these competencies.

Through the gamification of rapid-cycle problem-solving learning exercises conducted within our escape room environments, candidates gain coached insight into their EI, communication temperament, leadership style, capabilities and competency gaps.

These insights can be integrated into acquisition, development, corrective or other talent management strategies – quickly, cost-effectively and with improved acceptance.

Conversation: New Mexico – Quarterly, Lost Cruces hosts Organizational Psychology specialist Dr. Leslie Stager and other SMEs for day-long workshops on Leadership, Change, Conflict and Quality. Workshops see mentor-protégé pairs attend informative lectures and forums, participate in break-out sessions with discovery and skill-building exercises – including escape room sessions, and build individualized action plans to carry forward into their unique professional settings.

First Cruces - On an ongoing basis, partner professional development entity First Cruces provides consultative services to organizations seeking to improve organizational performance and develop their talent management strategies. Targeted and solution-focused in nature, First Cruces integrates client assessments and opportunity statements, escape room behavioral observations and other resources into tailored professional development strategies for client, First Cruces or joint implementation.

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